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New eDelivery Management Integration

We have developed an interface that allows you to use the

Delivery Mates App to do all the hard work for you.


Easy Setup with Positive Solution

Delivery Mates are the first eDelivery Management Company to partner with us. Setup is easy, just 10 minutes per branch, fully supported by our Service Desk.

Would you like to start experiencing a great delivery solution integrated to your Analyst PMR?

How does it work?

Your driver simply scans all the prescription bag label barcodes with the eDelivery app and the app does everything else.
Maps the best route with all traffic information for the driver and this includes keeping your patient informed of estimated delivery times.

A dashboard in the pharmacy gives you all the information you need of what delivery is where and with who, this would be especially useful to manage the volunteers that may have stepped in to help you.


Fast and efficient, QR codes enabled on Analyst PMR get scanned straight into the delivery app by the driver.


Route optimization can save up to 20% of your drivers’ time. Our state of the art routing system saves time by batching all your deliveries into a route that is most efficient.

Taking into consideration delivery windows and multiple drivers.


Real-time tracking of deliveries.
We enable visibility for every prescription. See ETA’s and allow your patients to know up to the minute accuracy of when their medicine will arrive, yet staying compliant with SOPs and GDPR.


Through dynamic route merging we can optimise the number of drivers needed to perform deliveries so that you only use the resource required. This can save time and money when you have multiple pharmacies with high volume of deliveries. Deliveries planned and made in a shorter time. 

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